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Help: Schufa entries

If you are no longer able to order goods on account on the Internet if you have difficulties concluding mobile phone contracts or opening a bank account or are suddenly rejected as a tenant when looking for somewhere to live it is highly likely that your failure to pay a debt has been put on record with Schufa and/or one of the other big credit agencies.

Your creditor or the creditors debt collection partner can register your failure to pay with Schufa if the preconditions indicated in � 28a of the German Federal Data Protection Act have been met. In addition Schufa as well as practically all other big credit agencies in Germany have access to the data of the Central Debtors List which at the beginning of 2013 superseded the public debtors lists that used to be kept by local courts. An entry is made in the Central Debtors List on the order of the bailiff/officer of the court.

If you want to find out what information about you has been put on record in Schufas database you can do so for a fee at any time. Once a year you are also entitled to request your information free of charge from Schufa in accordance with � 34 of the German Federal Data Protection Act. You can also do the same of course with the other credit rating agencies in Germany.

Entries in the Central Debtors List Schufas database or the databases of other credit agencies are usually deleted after 3 years. If the debt has not been paid in this time the entry can be stored for longer.

In certain circumstances however � especially in the case of small accounts receivable (less than EUR 2000) - it is possible to have Schufa entries deleted immediately i.e. before the three years have expired - especially if you have paid off the debt quickly and completely.

Avoid restrictions on your financial options due to negative entries on record with Schufa or other credit agencies. Talk to us about finding a solution to the problem of your unpaid debts. Our staff can be reached by phone at 02133 - 24 63-888 so that you can talk to them about your debts and about ways of getting rid of them. Or use our Call Back Service so that we can get in touch with you and help you.

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