Help: bailiff appointments

If the bailiff contacts you to say he will be calling on you you should use the time until he appears in order to find a solution to your debt problems.

If you refuse the bailiff access to your flat/house he will very probably gain access at a later time with the help of the police. If you make any intentionally false or incomplete statements to the bailiff in the framework of your affidavit (formerly "oath of disclosure") you can be prosecuted for perjury.

If you fail to appear on the date set for submission of the affidavit and do so without an excuse or if you refuse to submit the affidavit without giving a good reason for doing so the local court can issue an arrest warrant at the request of the creditor. The purpose of the arrest is to compel you to submit the affidavit. The arrest period is limited by law to a maximum of six months.

Confrontation refusal or failure to face up to the facts are the wrong ways to solve your debt problems.

Our staff can be reached by phone at 02133 - 24 63-888 so that you can talk to them about your debts and about ways of getting rid of them. Or use our Call Back Service so that we can get in touch with you and help you.

Talk to us so that we can help you solve your debt problems!

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