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Viewing accounts receivable and making payments online.

The following options are available to you in our Debtor Portal:

Show original invoices relating to receivables of specific companies
Some of our clients offer you the possibility of viewing the original invoices relating to your receivables file at coeo Inkasso online. After entering the file reference, you are immediately shown the original invoice in question in PDF format. If no original invoices relating to your receivables file are available online, a message will be displayed to this effect. In this case, please get in touch with us by phone (service hotline: 02133 - 24 63 888) or submit a Call Back Request here.
View list of accounts receivable
Your list of receivables contains all the information relating to your receivables file regarding unpaid items, payments made and the allocation of such of payments <96> broken down into main receivable, costs and interest. For greater clarity, all items are sorted by date and the current overall balance is shown.
Show payments received
If you have already made a payment to coeo Inkasso and would like to find out whether we have actually received it, you will be shown a list of all payments already made together with the date received and the amount paid in each case.
Notify us of a date of payment
If you want to notify us of a concrete date of payment for your unpaid debt, further dunning by coeo Inkasso can, under certain circumstances, be suspended up to the selected date. A prerequisite for this is that the selected date of payment is no more than 30 days in the future and is stringently adhered to.
Proof a payment
If you think that you have already paid the claimed amount to coeo Inkasso or to our client, please provide us with the exact payment data and upload the relevant payment documents. Please check in advance whether this payment has not already been taken into account in the menu item "Show Payments made".
Pay by SOFORT bank transfer
We offer you the option of using our online payment service provider Klarna to pay your unsettled account receivable to coeo Inkasso directly, quickly and reliably. Simple click on the corresponding button and you will be redirected to Klarna. All the necessary data for processing and allocating your payment as well as our banking data for payments are stored on the service provider's website. If you do not yet have a login for Klarna, you can log in with your online banking access data in the course of the bank transfer process. All data are encrypted and only sent to your online banking provider, of course.

You can find further information on the payment service provider Klarna here:
Pay cash by
Through our partnership with the online payment service, we offer you the opportunity to settle your account with coeo Inkasso directly, quickly, and securely with a cash payment. Simply by clicking the corresponding button, you have the possibilities of either receiving a passcode direct to your mobile phone or printing a payment form. With the passcode or payment form, you can submit your settlement quite conveniently at the cashier of one of many local retail partners (e.g. DM drugstores). All necessary data for processing and allocating your payment including data for the delivery of your settlement is included in your passcode or printed payment form. Immediately after payment, you will receive a receipt confirming your transaction.

You can find further information about the payment service provider and locate your nearest local office here: A function for finding your local point of payment is also included on the coeo debtor portal.
Request payment in instalments
Do you want to pay your open amount(s) in several instalments? If so, you can apply to make payment in instalments in comfort and online, using the form obtainable under the menu item "Request payment in instalments". As a rule, our clients typically agree to payment in instalments if the entire remaining amount is paid in a maximum of 12 monthly instalments and if the instalments are not below the minimum rate of 10.- euros per instalment.
Please be aware that you may only request an instalment plan via our internet portal, if we did not terminate a previous instalment plan due to lack of compliance. Should we have terminated a previous instalment plan due to lack of compliance and should you still wish to enter into an new instalment plan, then we do ask you to contact our service team on 02133 - 24 63 888 to discuss your matter personally.
Payment by SEPA direct debit
You can authorise us to collect a single payment or regular payments (payment in instalments) using the SEPA direct debit system unless a charge back has already occurred in the context of a SEPA direct debit of coeo Inkasso. To do this, enter all the relevant data online in the corresponding form, then print the form and sign it and send it by post to coeo Inkasso. You must also send us the form online in advance by clicking on the corresponding button. This is to enable us to make an early start on processing your request. Please note, however, that it absolutely essential to send the form to us by post as well, before coeo Inkasso can collect a single or regular payment by means of the direct debit method. Moreover, further dunning by coeo Inkasso for the receivable in question cannot be suspended until we receive your written request. Please contact our service team on 02133 - 24 63 888 if a direct debit chargeback has already occurred on your account with coeo Inkasso and if you should still like to award a new direct debit authorization.
Upload messages/documents to coeo Inkasso
You can use this menu item to send us messages and upload documents in the JPG, PNG, GIF, TIF or PDF formats. A case worker will then get in touch with you as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have.
Complete your profile / Report a change of address
Here, you can complete/change your contact data and personal data stored in our records in comfort online in order to ensure speedy and efficient processing of your queries etc. and not miss important feedback from coeo Inkasso regarding your file. If you have a new address, report it to avoid address-finding costs, which will otherwise be charged to your debtor account.
Submit a Call Back request
As an alternative to calling our service hotline (02133 - 24 63 888), you can arrange for a case worker to call you back. To do this, simply fill in the corresponding form and a case worker will get in touch with you to discuss your concerns at the time and on the date you specify.

Were we unable to answer all your questions?
If so, do not hesitate to contact us via our service hotline (02133 - 24 63 888) or submit a Call Back Request. Please always have your file reference at hand for concrete questions regarding your unsettled account(s).